Public Education at Healus

Our goal for clients and the world is that we all come to understand our bodies and how to work with them to facilitate restoring full function when they are damaged. We should all know how to consciously control our emotional, metabolic and physical health using ordinary tools like the breath, bodywork, nutrition, cranio-sacral rebalancing and brain function facilitation. This education belongs to everyone.


  • The Power of the Breath: Change your emotional state and health through your breath.
  • Why People Don’t Heal: You’ve heard “Stress Causes Illness”. Learn why it is so costly.
  • A Question of Balance: Learn all the factors contributing to balance and get yourself tuned up for graceful aging.
  • Brain Function Facilitation: Everyone needs to know Brain Buttons! Tools to maintain focus, comprehension and reduce stress.
  • Tools for Managing Stress:  “There is only one disease – Stress” Regaining Resilience is the Key to staying healthy.
  • Dynamic Walking: Turn your walking into a conditioning experience.
  • Dynamic Aging: The latest science to support you staying younger longer.


Our sister organization, Alive & Well! Institute of Conscious BodyWork, trains professionals worldwide in the fields of bodywork, physical therapy, chiropractic, personal training (yoga, Pilates, remedial exercise therapy), and optimum performance for athletes.   Basic and Advanced Certifications in NeuroMuscular Reprogramming NMR are approved by NCBTMB for CEUs. Further advanced certification as an NMR Specialist for additional specialized coursework completed.

For more information on NMR Basic and Advanced Trainings click HERE.


Jocelyn Olivier is available for public lectures on Body Basics every body needs to know: Brain Function Facilitation, Why People Don’t Heal, The New Epidemic: Hyperflexion Syndrome, The Power of the Breath, Tools for Managing Stress. All lectures are full of practical self help tools you can learn and take home for the rest of your life and share with others.

Healus also sponsors allied health care professionals who specialize in topics related to health and well being. Three of our favorites:

Dr Audrey Mickel, ND, Dynamic Aging
Dr Suki Munsell PhD, Dynamic Walking
Steve Fowkes PhD, Organic Biochemist


The Healus Body Wisdom Blog is an educational tool for clients and practitioners alike. It contains videos and discourse on things every body should know. It lists symptoms and conditions that are common afflictions of the human condition and gives the NMR and Healus view of them and what can be done about them.  Click HERE.

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