Mike Petrow

Mike Petrow has worked with us off and on for years doing NMR and movement education. Mike has a big background in Movement Education and Fitness and has developed his own fitness routines. He is a 20 year veteran in integrative movement and has 10 years of clinical practice as a soft tissue bodyworker.

Mike Petrow has been in the Health & Fitness industry for over 20 years as an integrative movement specialist and has 10 years of clinical practice as a soft tissue bodyworker. He specializes in a wide range of tissue & movement based techniques, including NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) which he blends to help you move with less restriction and function and at your peak performance. He is a big advocate for effective self care solutions and ‘Clinic to Life’ integration and places a high value on owning your body.

Over his many years of study in the field of health and healing, Mike has multiple fitness and performance certifications, is a Master Instructor for Evidence Based Fitness Academy specializing in the feet. Mike has studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Active Release Techniques, Muscle Activation Techniques and with the Institute of Motion. He is currently pursuing somatic education with Laban Bartinieff Institute.

Mike has taught for years in the countrywide NMR certification series. He brings all this PLUS a spirit of innovation to our field of health and healing for the body. We are so lucky to have him working with us!