About Healus

Founded in 2004, the Healus Neuro Rehab Center is a leading therapy and educational center in the fields of bodywork and physical rehabilitation.

Our integrated treatment programs are designed to address the causes of musculo-skeletal dysfunction and persistent pain, ie., dysfunctional coordination patterns in the motor control center of the brain.  Working with the body’s organizational intelligence, we reprogram the patterns governing coordinated movement to provide long-term relief and elegant, pain free movement.

The Center focuses on treatment and client education and provides a mentoring opportunity for those who want the fast track to deepen their practice of NMR and achieve astonishingly fast results with complex coordination issues.

Very few people can take the pieces and put them all together. Jocelyn is one of those few people. She can see the big picture and identify causes that are layers deep.

Eric Kullmann

I am truly thankful for the Healus Center, especially Jocelyn & Jules. Jocelyn is a miracle worker. My family and I were rear ended on the freeway and my son was having horrible headaches, nausea and projectile vomiting. The Chiropractor and Pediatrician tried all sorts of tests and medication to help. It was almost to the point that my son was going to be hospitalized because he was losing so much weight. Jocelyn fit me in for an emergency session.

I don’t know how she did it, but my son immediately felt better after the session. The vomiting stopped completely and his headaches went away the next day. If my 8 year old son had not received help from Jocelyn I would have had to subject him to being in the hospital because no pediatrician nor chiropractor could diagnose why he had those symptoms. NMR works!!!!


I found Healus through a random search for massage. What I found was a place that has an in depth knowledge of just what I needed. I have had chronic neck pain for the past many years caused by overextending my neck in a yoga class.

I have been to the Orthopedic MD, PT and had many massages over the years. Nothing helped.

Then I found Roe Tyler at the Healus Center. She had a complete understanding of how the muscles fit together and perform. From the first session with Roe she was able to get right to the core of the problem and gegan to work on repairing those muscles. So happy to finally have a solution at hand and be on the way to feeling good again!


I’ve been having a grand time! The changes and advances that I have been witnessing in my clients are really quite exciting, to them as well. I am so inundated with work that I have had to make a statement on my website to the effect that at the present time I am not accepting new clients. I raised my price too — no one complains. They just pay more and keep coming… In my wildest dreams I never thought I would get to this point.

It is getting easier and easier to incorporate NMR into sessions. It really does make deep tissue massage almost irrelevant… People who are used to it are amazed at the painless results.

It certainly makes sessions go fast, too. I feel like a detective, looking for clues and solving mysteries and the time just flies by. The best part is when people get up feeling better right away.

Thanks, Jocelyn! I am so glad I decided to invest in this class.

Ellie Smith, LMT Lebanon, Missouri

A Miracle. The pain is GONE. I am in awe of the expertise that flows through Jocelyn Olivier’s heart and hands. More than a year and a half ago, I flipped forward off a horse that bolted. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working with the top doctors and chiropractors to relieve the intense pain that radiated from the left side of my sacrum. Sleeping on my side hurt. Driving a car hurt. Yoga hurt. I began to think the pain would always be there. One two-hour session with Jocelyn and – not only is the pain gone – I can feel my body is back in balance, I feel as if my body now has the alignment it needs to heal the injury. The session was nothing short of amazing. I am forever grateful. Jocelyn knew exactly where to go and exactly what to do to put me back together. I LOVE YOU JOCELYN.

Dawn Cartwright

As well as being a student of Jocelyn Olivier’s work, I am also a client. Jocelyn is one of the best body workers on the planet and her staff are very good as well. From subtle energetics, to deep tissue, to spinal unwinding, to belief systems, to neuromuscular reprogramming, Jocelyn holds a storehouse of tools and intuition to help a person heal. After partial motor nerve loss in my right hand, Jocelyn has been tremendous in helping me to heal. I highly recommend Healus and Jocelyn Olivier to students and anyone seeking healing.

Vir McCoy

As both a client and a referring pain management professional, I have observed remarkable progress and musculoskeletal pain relief through NMR. It can provide a real sense of progress and new hope to chronic pain patients.

Sande Kiriluk, MFT

I just finished with a patient who is 38 that has CP. Incorporating NMR into the treatment strategy is making dramatic changes for her physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You can count me in for further learning.  I look forward to seeing you.

Bill Hitchcock, PT Chicago IL

I feel so good after my session with you. The back ache is gone. My right leg has been shorter than my left and last night I felt totally balanced! Yay!

Alison Stuart

I was frequently having uncomfortable bouts of vertigo. I went to see Jocelyn for help and was totally amazed that the vertigo is almost gone after one session. Even more impressive to me: she worked on the same areas that, Moshe Feldenkrais worked on in sessions I had with him almost 40 years ago when I was having a ringing sensation in the same ear that has now been causing vertigo. And Jocelyn did so much more.

Vincent Drucker