Jocelyn Olivier, Founder & Director

Jocelyn is the Clinic’s founder and director. For 47 years she has dedicated herself to developing and refining the practice of Conscious BodyWork and NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) – a revolutionary modality in the field of bodywork and rehabilitation.

When I was a kid my mother used to give me her skeins of wool to untangle. This fascination with untangling knots has persisted all through my adult life and turned into NeuroMuscular Reprogramming.

I am still untangling knots to this day, except now I do it with living bodies!

I’ve always loved to move and use my body and I’ve been blessed with good health.  I’ve had many years of training in dance, yoga, and bodywork but very little formal training in bodywork modalities. Instead I’ve developed my own modality as many people do. You might say I attended the school of empirical bodywork.

In my 20’s, during my development as a bodywork practitioner, I studied Applied and Educational Kinesiology to enhance coordination, balance and brain function.  I traveled to China and studied Chinese Orthopedic massage (Tuina).  Studies in North American and Hawaiian Shamanism contributed greatly to the creation of my work, which initially I called Conscious BodyWork.  I find now, reading Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” that what I have utilized in my practice all along is indeed very much a part of how we accomplish results through the application of hands on bodywork, no matter what modality.  It is as much the application of conscious attention and intention that gets the job done as any technique we’ve learned.  This particular focus is why my school came to be called Alive & Well! Institute of Conscious BodyWork.

After over 40 years working with the body, this is what I’ve discovered:

The human body is a living intelligent systemwith complex movement information systems enabling us to learn to do amazing things from kite surfing to piano playing to gymnastics.   It needs tune-ups to keep it in optimal function.

When our movement information systems become deteriorated/degenerated we lose abilities we once had and our lives become limited.  This process of becoming more and more limited is something we’ve accepted as the process of aging.

It is my conviction that we do not need to age in the way that we do,losing our range of motion and our strength and function

When we lose the ability to move and exercise our metabolic system becomes challenged, elimination of waste from the tissues is impaired by muscle rigidity and weakness. Tissues and bones become congested and degenerated in quality. Degeneration occurs due to improper cellular nutrition and deteriorated functional patterning.

If we knew more about how our body was supposed to work, we could work with it to keep it tuned to optimal function throughout our lives.

It is my hope that with the information contained in NMR many more people will have inexpensive access to the information they need to maintain their own health and function intoa vital old age.