A Revolutionary Approach

Healus Neuro Rehab Center provides integrated treatment designed to achieve the fastest possible results in recovering pain-free movement.

We specialize in working with people with chronic and acute neuromuscular conditions, multi system breakdown, chronic pain, brain injury, sleep disorders, scoliosis, arthritis and musculo-skeletal dysfunction resulting from overuse, misuse, trauma and injury.

“Most body pain is neuromuscular in origin. When you correct the motor sequencing
problems affecting coordination, muscle and joint pain can disappear in minutes.”
– Jocelyn Olivier

Healus Neuro Rehab Center provides hands-on treatment and education for your body and brain.  We weave NeuroMuscular Reprogramming® with Connective Tissue Release and Movement Re-education, Brain Function Facilitation with CranioSacral Rebalancing and Energetic Tune-ups (and more) to get results.  Your integrated treatments are individually designed for you to achieve the fastest possible results in recovering pain-free ease of movement.

Correct Your Body’s Problems at the Source

“My family and I were rear ended and my son was having horrible headaches, nausea and projectile vomiting. No pediatrician or chiropractor could diagnose why he had those symptoms.  It was almost to the point that my son was going to be hospitalized because he was losing so much weight.  I don’t know how she did it, but my son immediately felt better after the session.  The vomiting stopped completely and his headaches went away the next day. If my 8 year old son had not received help from Jocelyn I would have had to subject him to being in the hospital.  NMR works!!!!”   – Christina

NMR® is a detailed and thorough structural bodywork which uses muscle testing to assess and correct dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source: the motor control center in the brain.  In field of bodywork and physical therapy, this work is extremely detailed and deeply effective in getting fast, long lasting results for all kinds of structural problems, whether acute or chronic.

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A fast track to pain-free movement

We offer a revolutionary modality in the field of bodywork and rehabilitation therapy that offers a fast track to pain free movement.

Solve difficult-to-treat conditions

We get results with difficult problems that clients have not resolved completely through other techniques.

Regain the ability to comfortably exercise

If It’s been too long since you’ve been able to comfortably exercise; we get you back to your favorite activities sooner.

Relief from the effects of past injuries showing up with age

We deal effectively with the residual symptoms from past injuries that may be showing up now that you are older.